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Psilocybin Patent Research
January 13, 2022
Pending Patents: Can Any Company Own Psilocybin?

Breakthrough research at the Usona Institute revealed the true crystal forms of pharmaceutical psilocybin. It’s a new discovery of characteristics of the polymorphs of the plant that have always existed but were not detected until now.

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Shrooms in Purple Light
January 5, 2022

Shrooms could soon be legal in more places, and billions of dollars are in play. VICE News reports on whether psilocybin is doomed to become a therapy by and for the elite.

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Patent Documents
December 29, 2021
Should psychedelics be patented?

A library of psychedelic knowledge, from clinical studies to turn of the century catalogs, may make psychedelic patents more fair.

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Psilocybin Formula
December 15, 2021
New Filing Challenges Compass Pathways’ Infamous Patent on Synthetic Psilocybin

The non-profit Freedom to Operate used research from chemists and crystallographers to argue in a legal filing that Compass’ form of synthetic psilocybin is not a new invention.

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Psychedelic Artwork
July 14, 2021
The Complicated Patenting of Our Psychedelic Future

There has been a surge in patents of psychedelic therapies. Some recent headlines have suggested that patent claims on psychedelics represent a sign that “capitalism has gone rogue.” Others suggest that investors are debating ownership of a psychedelic future.

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LDS Tabs
July 1, 2021
Can LSD Treat Food Allergies? We Don’t Know, But It’s Already Been Patented

Companies can own potentially valuable psychedelic IP without anyone even knowing if it works.

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Our Archival Researcher Network

By leveraging historical expertise about psychedelics, our network will help curate and increase access to disparate knowledge of psychedelic science, practice, and tradition. Ideal participants in the network will have experience with historical research on psychedelics; expertise with archival research is especially welcome.

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News Highlights

From the Archives Back to the Clinic: How Historians of Psychedelics are Protecting the Public Domain

There was a time when LSD and other vision-inducing psychedelic drugs were associated with the American counter-culture and for conservative observers with license and dissent …

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Patent Claims
Psychedelics Patent Claim Raises Questions From Researchers Who Say They Did It First

A recent application from CB Therapeutics on biosynthetic psilocybin is emblematic of the IP concerns around novelty and obviousness the psychedelic field will face.

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Old Patents
There’s a Land Grab for Psychedelic Patents: Here’s What We Can Do About It

Not everyone embraces the old psychedelic values of sharing and generosity. Today, as laws are changing, companies are filing a range of questionable patents that could let them control psychedelic molecules …

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Ethical Psychedelics
Is it Possible to Create an Ethical Psychedelics Company?

The debate around psychedelic patents reflects a deeper question about how to create a business model that puts values before profits.

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psilocybin patents
COMPASS Pathways Is Trying to Patent Psilocybin for More Mental Health Conditions Than You Can Name

News that COMPASS Pathways is attempting to patent psychedelic therapy room specifications and therapist behaviors started an online firestorm about the company’s “monopolistic and shady behaviors,” …

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Race to Get Psychedelic Patents
The Race to Patent Psychedelics Is Just Getting Started

Psychedelics now appear in patent applications for Philip Morris e-cigarettes, periodontal disease, hair loss, weight loss, and food allergies.

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