The Papers of Dr. Lauretta Bender. Box 12, folder 13

The Papers of Lauretta Bender are comprised primarily of materials covering the years 1926-1968 during the time she was affiliated with Bellevue and Creedmoor Hospitals. There are records here that also document a large number of professional activities that she was involved with outside of these institutions. This collection consists mainly of typescripts of professional correspondence and manuscripts, with a smaller quantity of personal papers, photographs, and other memorabilia. There are five major record groups: Professional Correspondence, 1936- 5 1969, Professional Activities, 1936-1968, Personal Materials, 1926-1967, Dr. Schilder’s Papers, 1886-1940, and John O. Bender Papers. Dr. Bender pioneered the use of art therapy for children, notably the use of puppet shows at Bellevue and music therapy. She championed the use of drugs and shock treatment to treat children diagnosed with psychiatric disorders who did not respond to other forms of treatment. The records also document her assistance in building organizations and schools dedicated to helping children, and her continuous efforts to foster psychiatric studies. Writings and documents related to Dr. Paul Schilder and John O’ Bender (Loretta’s father) can also be found within this collection.