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Contribute Prior Art References

Support Porta Sophia by submitting key prior art references. These references will be reviewed by our highly trained team of scientific and legal experts and uploaded to the site if the information is pertinent to patent reviewers. We appreciate all community efforts to help fill existing and future gaps in our prior art collection.

Prior Art: As defined by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, "prior art constitutes those references or documents which may be used to determine novelty and/or non-obviousness of claimed subject matter in a patent application".

Translation: Prior art is anything in the public domain before a specified date. Some examples include a published manuscript, a previous patent, a conference abstract, an archival document from decades ago, or a thread or post on a blog forum.

Goal: Quality over quantity. We seek the best prior art references that demonstrate a given method or composition is in the public domain. If this is achieved with a single reference, share that “high-value” resource with us.

Submissions should include a title, list of authors, relevant compounds, patent types, subject matter, and a URL. Submit up to five prior art references in the dropdown bars below. ​

For references without a URL, or to submit more than five art references, follow the directions in the "Bulk Prior Art Uploads" section at the bottom of this page.

Bulk Prior Art Uploads

For references without a URL, or to submit more than five prior art references, download and utilize the template provided below. Please fill in all required fields and provide a description of the source and relevancy for patent examiners.

Step 1: Fill out our database template.


Step 2: Upload the file to the Porta Sophia site.

Step 3: Submit the file to our team of reviewers.