Porta Sophia


Porta Sophia, meaning doorway to wisdom, is a prior art library for patent reviewers around the world to find relevant prior art in the field of psychedelics.

The library provides convenient access, via a simple search tool, to scientific literature, previous patents, historical archives, online forums and more. Key content from the public domain focuses on medical applications, means of production, drug combinations and various drug formulations of multiple psychedelic compounds.

Due to historical and cultural aspects of psychedelics, prior art can be difficult or inconvenient to find. Porta Sophia identifies prior art most pertinent to patent reviewers wherever it may exist in common and uncommon spaces. This includes traditional sources (scientific literature, published patents) and domestic and foreign archives highlighting foundational work done decades ago. Porta Sophia is generating new tools to identify prior art from millions of blog posts contained in various online forums.

A team of scientific and legal experts curate references most relevant to patent reviewers and are working to continually expand Portal content. Through community engagement, support, and collaboration, we anticipate frequent content updates and the roll-out of additional searching features.

Together, we hope to grow Porta Sophia into an important public-facing structure that helps protect the public domain, stimulate new innovation around psychedelic applications, and enable the timely approval of psychedelic-based treatment options.


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