A simple search tool for innovators and patent reviewers to find relevant prior art in the field of psychedelics.

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Cultural and historical aspects of psychedelics make prior art difficult to find. Porta Sophia identifies prior art in common and uncommon spaces and brings it together in one simple search tool for innovators and patent reviewers. Our goal is to protect the public domain, stimulate innovation, and support good patents to assure psychedelic therapies can one day be available at scale to the people who need them.

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There's a significant challenge we've identified in the field of psychedelic patents.

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Are you aware of prior art in the field of psychedelics? Help us expand our library by submitting these references to Porta Sophia. Our team of scientific and legal experts will review all community submissions and add those determined pertinent to patent reviewers to the Porta Sophia library.

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Your financial donations support our long-term sustainability and enable the continued expansion and maintenance of the Porta Sophia library. As a non-profit entity, donated funds allow our scientific and legal team to work full-time toward our goal.

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